E L E V 8

Revenue Solutions for Properties

We partner with Premium Apartments, IT Parks, Shopping Malls, Commercial complex, Gyms, Restaurants, and Clinics etc to generate additional recurring income for them using empty available spaces and with no investment from them. All the operations and management is done by Elev8. Our partners just have to sit back and relax. Zero Hassle for them.


How it Works

  • ELEV8 Media will partner with premium brands and show advertisements within advertisement display frames.
  • The Owner/Operator is free to run and manage brand promotion and advertisements with existing medium.
  • Enhanced Profits with exploration of other areas and events or promotions by Brands brought in by Elev8.

Frames Installation

We will install Advertisement Display Frames at mutually agreed places at our own cost.

Elev8 Manages Everything

We manage all the operations; you just need to make sure frames are not damaged.

You Earn!

Hassle Free Recurring Revenue for our partners without having to manage anything.

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